Beacon Group professionals are well suited to assist owners and contractors in all phases of a project. When work starts, thousands of events must progress smoothly and interact logically to allow completion on schedule, within budget and without claims. Clients can leverage Beacon Group’s experience to develop fundamentally sound prospective schedules or review pre-existing schedules for deficiencies. Unanticipated conditions, change orders, design iterations, and other events can ripple through a project, creating considerable delays and cost increases. Beacon Group experts can help client teams implement and monitor key project health indicators supporting objective analysis and reporting to identify potential risks to schedule or budgetary goals before a negative event occurs. We further provide recommendations to increase efficiency, monitor cost & progress, and meet project goals or deadlines.

For situations in which an event has already occurred that has impacted expected costs or threatened timely completion, we identify the practices required to mitigate delays, cost overruns, and support development of change-order schedules. This approach allows the project staff to continue to focus on the day-to-day progress of the project and encourages continual forward planning.

Key Services
  • Prospective and Change-Order Scheduling

  • Earned Value Management (EVM)

  • Project Execution Monitoring and Control

  • Program Impact Analyses

Government Contracts




Defense & Aerospace


Energy & Utilities