Beacon Group specializes in providing support to clients involved in litigation of government contracts, especially those involving highly technical or complex engineering and design efforts.

Government contracts are generally litigated in either the Court of Federal Claims (CFC) or the Armed Services Boards of Contract Appeals (ASBCA). Beacon Group has extensive experience providing expert witness testimony and litigation support for contract disputes during all phases of litigation for cases adjudicated in the CFC and the ASBCA.

Another common characteristic of many government contracts is the complex nature of the projects themselves. Highly technical engineering and design projects such as those requiring extensive development of hardware and software development and integration in order to meet stringent performance objectives can present significant challenges to litigation efforts. Unlike most construction efforts, the execution plans for these technical projects are often multi-lateral and non-linear. Beacon Group professionals leverage deep industry experience working on highly technical government system integration efforts and have a proven track record of successfully supporting litigation of complex technical projects in the CFC and ASBCA venues.

Representative Engagements
  • Bridges

  • Pipelines

  • Airports

  • Hospitals

  • Military Fighter Planes

  • Weapon Systems

  • Naval Ships

  • Large Automated Systems

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