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Beacon Group LLC provides multidisciplinary consulting services on government contracts and construction around the world. We offer a full range of services focused on improving project performance and avoiding or resolving disputes. We provide these services on a wide variety of new construction and renovation projects including commercial, industrial, civil, residential and public works. Our government contract engagements include a broad range of aerospace, hardware, software and avionics programs. Our primary service offerings in these fields include:

Program & Construction Management

When work starts on a project, thousands of events must progress smoothly to allow completion on schedule, within budget and without claims. Change orders, material delivery problems, unanticipated conditions and other events can ripple through a project, creating considerable delays and cost increases.

Beacon Group professionals are well suited to assist owners and contractors in all phases of a construction project. We can provide timely and objective reporting, both of which are critical to mitigating delays and cost overruns. We can also provide recommendations to increase both field and home office efficiency, monitor cost and schedule progress, and assess the performance of the contractor, construction manager, or designer.

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Claims Avoidance

The large number of variables involved throughout the course of a project often prevents timely resolution of disputes. Many contracts are structured to evaluate impacts after they occur—when it is too late to mitigate schedule delays and avoid cost overruns. Many contract delays and added costs can be avoided altogether with proactive management. Beacon Group has developed and implemented procedures that address problems before they actually occur, minimizing the effects of otherwise negative impacts whenever possible. For those situations in which an event has already occurred and project completion has been affected, we can help implement procedures to facilitate the proactive, positive management practices required to ensure a successful project. This focused approach relieves the project staff from the burden of dwelling on past problems, and encourages continual forward planning.

Furthermore, projects can often benefit from an independent third party review, which typically facilitates the timely and equitable resolution of problems before they undermine owner/contractor relationships.

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Expert Witness Services & Litigation Support

For those situations in which problems are not resolved, Beacon Group provides experienced professionals to accurately prepare and analyze claims. Our insight and independent analyses provide an objective review of the issues and encourage reasonable settlement of claims.

Our litigation support services include issue identification, document research, interviews, preparation or analysis of claims, development of negotiation strategies, and assistance with dispute resolution.

Construction and government contract projects are riddled with potential risks from start to finish. When encountered, they can negatively impact the project schedule and overall cost, resulting in costly and time consuming disputes that divert the focus of the project personnel from the ultimate goal. Our main objective is to gather and analyze relevant project records to independently assess what actually happened on the project, and to identify and quantify the cost and schedule effects attributable to the respective parties. Our assistance decreases the burden on project staff, allowing them to focus on engagement objectives, while we proactively resolve contentious situations.

Should litigation ultimately become necessary, our extensive expert witness experience can afford great assistance to our clients. Beacon Group provides both cost and schedule damages experts who independently identify, review and analyze project issues in order to arrive at well thought-out solutions, capable of withstanding legal scrutiny. Our expert determinations are based on tested methodologies and accepted standards, continually resulting in positive outcomes for our clients. Typically our litigation assistance includes interrogatory development and response, exhibit preparation, deposition assistance, expert witness examination and expert witness testimony.

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