About Us


At Beacon Group, our business is based on superior customer service. We feel the best way to advise our clients is by providing independent, objective and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ most challenging needs.

Based on this core principle, we tailor each solution to individual client objectives. Working in partnership with our clients enables us to proactively identify and assess risk, which in turn allows us to formulate integrated and innovative solutions.

Strengthened by a deep understanding of the industry and the typical difficulties plaguing our clients, we are creative problem solvers committed to meeting and exceeding expectations.

Beacon Group utilizes a diverse team of architects, engineers, accountants and legal professionals that allows us to work with a wide range of personalities. From job sites to legal forums, we are able to communicate effectively with groups of diverse backgrounds.

Whether its our project management teams partnering with clients to achieve engagement objectives, or our expert witness professionals providing independent analysis capable of withstanding legal scrutiny, Beacon Group focuses on identifying and resolving complex problems in the most practical and efficient manner possible.

This well-grounded approach allows us to deliver unparalleled customer service and ensures that whatever the level of our involvement, Beacon Group achieves the highest quality standards in the industry.

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